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 We are a newspaper resource guide to holistic health and healing that is published quarterly, serving the Central Valley and Sierra foothills.

 We feature articles on various healing modalities and practioners, as well as articles on herbs, essential oils, holistic approaches for various diseases, health alerts, and tips for healthier living. We also have articles contributed by wonderful authors to help you improve your life style like: The Healing Power of Laughter by Cheryl Canfield, Mediation 101 by Dr. Tamara Oxford and The 7 Biggest MoneyMistakes Women Make With Money by Lynn Telford-Sahl.

 Besides our health resource guide we feature an Event and Class section, for your education and enjoyment.

Our website contains past papers and an index to various articles as well as a glossary of terms, good books to read page, and a practioners profile page with hyperlinks to each of their websites.

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Diane Siegfried